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Laboratory assistant

Texel, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsCoastal Systems (COS)

Job description

The Coastal Systems department (COS) of NIOZ is looking for a laboratory assistant to support ongoing field and laboratory experiments on marine invertebrates. 


The NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is the national oceanographic research institute. The mission of NIOZ is to perform academically excellent multidisciplinary fundamental and frontier-applied marine research addressing important scientific and societal questions pertinent to the functioning of oceans and seas. Second, NIOZ serves as national marine research facilitator (NMF) for The Netherlands scientific community. In this role, NIOZ stimulates and supports national and international marine research, marine education programs and marine policy development. 


The Department of COS integrates state-of-the art laboratory, field and numerical modelling studies in frontier explorations of the drivers of the dynamics of marine habitats and food webs. COS examines how physical, chemical and biological processes interact to determine the distribution, composition and productivity of marine species - from primary producers to top predators - and marine habitats - from the coast to inter/sub-tidal and pelagic environments. Important areas where COS works are the Wadden Sea and the Dutch coastal zone of the North Sea, but we also study coastal systems in other parts of the world.


The main goal of this laboratory assistant is to facilitate research conducted within COS.

  • Under the leadership and supervision of the COS department head, the assistant will perform research to support projects of Principle Investigators, post-docs and PhD researchers.
  • The LA is responsible for conducting laboratory experiments in the NIOZ research aquarium with a high level of independence.
  • The LA is responsible for working with NMF and other assistants at COS to maintain experimental facilities such as flow-through culture chambers used for controlled laboratory experiments and for recommending improvements to culture systems.
  • The LA performs administrative and organizational work, such as collecting and processing information and data.
  • The LA sets priorities, comes up with solutions and sets out actions as needed.
  • The LA has insight into and monitors the progress of work, processes and projects, identifies bottlenecks and informs about them.

Job requirements


  • Has previous experience of working on scientific experiments ideally including physiological and behavioral measurements on marine macrozoobenthos.
  • Has a broad skill set in conducting controlled experiments and in maintaining and operating facilities needed for that marine research.
  • Is proactive, flexible and can work well within teams.
  • Can speak and write fluently in English.

NIOZ wants to be a transparent institute with a healthy working climate and an inclusive culture, where people from diverse backgrounds and gender bring their talents and further develop these talents. We aim for inclusive decision-making processes and expect our leadership to show visible commitment, awareness of bias, and cultural intelligence.


  • Employment of this full-time position at Royal NIOZ is by NWO-I for a duration of 1 year.
  • Salary compliant with CAO-WVOI  (Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Research Institutes) scale 6 or 7 depending on relevant experience. 
  • The freedom to fulfill your role and space and opportunities for your personal (talent) development with the help of the NIOZ Academy.
  • 338 annualized holiday hours for a full-time 40-hour work week.
  • Pension scheme via ABP, 8% holiday allowance and a year-end bonus of 8.33%. 
  • 2nd class public transportation travel is reimbursed 100%.
  • Employment benefits plan to exchange a portion of your salary for days off or vice versa, or can be used to purchase a bicycle with tax benefits.
    For additional information about this vacancy, please contact Myron Peck. For additional information about the procedure, please send an e-mail to  

Closing date for this vacancy is February 29th.